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11/07/16 02:24:37PM
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F/S - Chooclate World Molds - Iowa

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54x CW1142, used, good condition $6.- each

61x CW1006 butterfly, new, never used because of tolerance issue's with our molding line. $6.- each

24x peacock mold, used, good condition. Italian origin (Cabrellon?) $6.- each

8x 10.5" bunny hollow figure, used, average condition (output 1 per mold) Perspex... NOT Polycarbonate, used. $12.- each

3x 5" bunny hollow figure (4 output per mold) Perspex... NOT Polycarbonate, used $12.- each

Buyer pays shipping, Minimum buy $100.- I will discount for the whole lot. Any questions, feel free to email me at

20161107_105910.jpg 20161107_105910.jpg - 1.3MB

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09/28/16 10:42:28PM
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what is praline, as an ingredient?

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The Dutch use bonbon as well as a description of a filled chocolate. I truly enjoy Jean Pierre Wybauw books. There is so much more in his books than just the typical recipes and photograps. If I wouldnt already have his books, I would most certainly get the Ultimate Fine Chocolate book that is coming out next month. I had the privelege of taking a few clases from him and he is one of the kindest and most knowledgeable chocolatiers I know.