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01/02/10 09:27:08
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Cacao Pods

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I have read somewhere (forgive me I cannot remember) that it is illegal to bring cacao pods into the States (and probably many other countries). Something to do with the possibility of introducing foreign bugs or something into our ecosystem and all that. Anyway, the only way that I know of for some people who DO have cacao pods here is that they went to a plantation and collected the pods themselves. Then they either didn't claim them at the airport or weren't found out, and got them back here.I tried to get some cacao pods for my thesis project in college and I definitely couldn't get my hands on any without trouble. :( Though you could always ask around the community to see if someone out there can get some for you. Or, if you have amazing Photoshop skills, you can always purchase a shot of cacao pods and add it in to your shot. :)