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chocolate tempering machines

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Hi, Ian.First, to address Clay's questions... I am a hobbyist, and bought a Rev 2 about 18 months ago. During the holidays, I make loads of caramels, nougats and chocolates to give away - this Christmas it was over 35 pounds (somehow my list of recipients just keeps growing...). While I've always been fascinated by candy making and confectionery science, the Rev 2 improved my efficiency so much that I got serious about learning and doing more. Now I seem to be making chocolates, thinking about making chocolates, or taking pictures of chocolates... ALL THE TIME. It's been a great machine for me.Or, at least, it WAS... until this morning. I put the baffle in, added the chocolate, turned on the machine, and everything seemed to be operating normally, except there is no heat coming from the element. Very strange, since the machine was working perfectly when I used it two days ago. I will call the technical service number you mentioned to Andy above - thanks for being so available to us.I really do love the machine. My only real quibble with it to this point has been the noise, and I am delighted to hear about ChocoVision's efforts to address that. As for the baffle clip issue (with chocolate wafers climbing up out of the bowl), I've found that the spatula that came with my Cuisinart solved the problem for me - I just lay it across the top of the machine with the blade of the spatula resting right under the clip, curved side against the bowl. It fits the contours of the bowl very nicely, and the "climbing" chocolate wafers hold it in place until they're melted enough to stop trying to escape.Finally, I would very much LOVE to test one of the Holey Baffles for you, if they are still available.
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