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Support an IndieGogo campaign - US$149 chocolate melter?

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Hello ChocolateLife Community, 

I discovered this project on Indiegogo. The goal is to create an inexpensive induction cooktop with temperature control so that it can also be used for sous vide cooking.

And maybe other applications as well - including some in the chocolate world.

I have requested ( on the product's forum ) a multi-step program that will allow you to increase, decrease and reheat the chocolate, and one of the engineers responded and said it was a great idea and said they'd like to hear more from the chocolate community. I obviously have an interest in seeing this product made - I want to keep the costs of my future chocolate business investment to a minimum as it's so expensive to get started in this industry. Beyond that, I have no relations whatsoever to the company.

We have until March 9th to tell the engineers what they should add to the product. They want to hear from the chocolate community.

Please add your feedback that will help bring us a product to market that we can use, especially for us beginners just starting out.


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