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12/08/14 02:46:50PM
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Commercial fudge recipes???

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Hi! Just opened a store a couple of months ago. We make caramel apples, chocolate-dipped everything.... We have a Savage Bros. commercial stove and copper kettle top and would like to use it to make fudge. I am having the devil's own time trying to find a basic recipe for chocolate fudge and for white fudge for commercial copper kettles. Does anyone out there have a couple of good ones to share please???

Once we have the two basics we know how to make about 20 different kinds of fudge. Our store manager is used to a Calico Cottage kettle and mix, but I do not want the extra equipment or to use mix, since we make everything else from scratch.... HELP!!! :

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Marie Schorp
@Marie Schorp
12/08/14 02:38:45PM
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Looking for inexpensive ways to stir caramel

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My store has a Savage stove with the largest copper kettle. You may want to know that it takes 3 hours of hand stirring to produce the caramel though....

BTW I was reading your post about fudge. I am new to the forum. Did anyone respond. I too am having the devil's time finding commercial recipes for fudge, specifically copper kettle fudge (the Savage kettle again).

Would much appreciate it if you could share what comes your way???