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Chocolate consumer enthusiast/lover research. Help us improve the industry!

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Calling all chocolate consumer enthusiasts/lovers to help us with our research.

We're beginning to do research to find out how and why consumers buy and enjoy craft/artizan chocolate.  We're looking for consumers/enthusiasts of dark chocolate.  This includes anyone that consumes craft/artizan chocolate but IS NOT in the business as a chocolate maker or works in the chocolate industry.

Once this research is complete, we'll publish our finding and analysis for anyone in the industry to benefit.

Please fill out the following survey.  Then if you agree, we'll pick 10-15 people to participate in a more detailed interview.  

We know your time is valuable, so if you're selected for the interview, we'll give you $50 Amazon Gift Card for your time!



Ilya Sterin

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New Definitions for a New Year

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Ok, so being new to the industry, was glad that I'm not the only one with questions about bean to bar.  In your opinion description, you say: "they must produce a retail bar under their own brand", but then also define the phrase "from the bean".  In my simplified view, the bean-to-bar defines that the maker gets the beans and produces the bar, but it seems like it's become quite ambiguous?  

When you mention the production of retail bar under their own brand, what is that opposed to?  Isn't that what most makers do, even if they just remelt someone elses product?