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05/29/16 09:24:27PM
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Santha Melangeurs

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Hey guys,

I'm glad you wanted to resurrect this thread as I am soon to be in the market for a new Melangeur. I have been running two Premiers for over a year. The gears keep wearing down though, and they struggle with how fast I want to add the nibs (which I sometimes pre-grind). 

However I love the quality of Chocolate they can produce. My biggest worry is that a Santha or other machine under $5k might not refine down to a small particle... under 20micron... ?

Also worried about the other issues you have all pointed out. Does anyone have a decent machine they acquired for less than $5k?

I have considered buying 2 more Premier and just paying someone to upgrade all the gear parts... I am able to load them up 4kg each... so that would be 16kg and the premiers are only around $400 each delivered... but Im sure the running costs would be less for a single 20kg machine.