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01/28/16 01:34:56PM
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Need to know about parts/manual availability for this machine.

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Hi Brandon, I just bought a ChocoTec CT 60 as well. No wheel, no spout assembly. ChocoTech folded many, many years ago. The good people at Sollich assured me that their ChocoTec brand is in no way connected to the old ChocoTec brand, the name is just a coincidence.  Sean Tucci at Tomric and David Laliberte at Perfect Equipments had some involvement with ChocoTec in 1972.  They have no manuals.  The other replies in this post about Bakon and Perfect are correct however, the Perfect spout uses a square hanger arm and the Bakeon is in a different configuration.  I am having one fabricated locally. I have enclosed an image.  I am sure you have noticed by now that the JKV 30 is almost identical. Oddly this Van Rooy machine is nearly identical.

I am overhauling my machine and I will work on making a basic Manual in PDF for the 8 people on earth who have these things. Also a spare parts list and where to get them fabricated. 

ChocoTec CT 60.JPG.jpg ChocoTec CT 60.JPG.jpg - 25KB