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Fernando Crespo
01/23/12 11:25:25AM @fernando-crespo:

Hello Frederick in what year you visit the farm is my mail

Phoebe Dixon
03/17/10 11:00:55PM @phoebe-dixon:
Hi Frederick,So is the factory in Brazil ready? I am looking for a wholesaler of Raw cacao.cheers,Phoebe
Evert-Jan De Kort (
01/05/10 03:00:15PM @evert-jan-de-kort-choqoacom:
hi Frederick,good to see you here, off course!I guess you remember me buying a whole suit-case full of your AMMA beta bars on the Salon du Chocolat in Paris :)Well as promised, feedback has been very postive from my customers, ie the ones that left their notes. We're even looking forward to get some more finished bars soon, really. Good luck with the future AMMA developments!keep in touchEvert-Jan /