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Mimi Wheeler
02/15/12 09:43:43AM @mimi-wheeler:

the Mermelade de cacao you produce is great. It is selling well and I will run out at latest mid- summer. Jenny has facilitated my purchase. Will you be sending more cases to the US? I remember my visit to your farm about 5 years ago fondly. I visited with my son Jacob. Sincerely, Mimi

Frederick Schilling
01/23/12 11:56:56AM @frederick-schilling:

Fernando, great to hear from you and Happy New Year! I hope all is going well. I believe I visited you in 2007.

deedee devi
05/12/10 02:50:03AM @deedee-devi:
well my dear ~ I AM located in the hawaiian islands and I AM buying about 20+ lbs a month with this projection to grow as rapid as we establish our RAW chocolate recipes and grow the chocolate making process according to the demand/like for specialty RAW herb infused chocolate :) i would LOVE to KNOW what you can offer smaller purchasers of non-roasted BEautifully fermented and hand LOVED cacao beans for as I AM interested in opening a relationship with a large grower/producer of cacao. we are currently growing cacaco on the islands but the demand has surpassed the supply so we are grateful to established growers like yourself. i can see buying cacao for ourselves and other local makers of chocolate that are importing cacao from various regions.thank you for sharing your thoughts on this ...infinite ALOHA
deedee devi
05/11/10 04:20:42AM @deedee-devi:
incredible fernando! such a BEautiful place! so much LOVE for cacao there in ecuador ... your plants look so healthy. do you supply your dried beans to the U.S.? if so, who distributes you? do you offer dried/NONroasted beans for RAW CHOCOLATE makers?so much LOVE ... aloha!
Annick Vliegen
01/04/10 09:29:22AM @annick-vliegen:
Hello Fernando,Happy new year and that all your dreams for this year may come trueDid I understand well that you are producer of cacao. If I look at the pics you have a very well maintained plantation. Lovely place.CongratzAnnick
08/23/09 11:35:55PM @deliciosa:
08/23/09 11:34:03PM @deliciosa:
Oh!! The chocolate fountain in your photos...YUM!!!! Que rico se ve!!!
08/23/09 11:31:00PM @deliciosa:
Hola Fernando! Que bueno encontrar otros que son Latinos aqui en la Vida Chocolate!! Muy bueno en conocerte tambien! Yo no tengo negocios en chocolate, pero me fascina tanto el chocolate, no puedo vivir sin comerlo! Trate de hacer clic para ser tu amiga, pero no me funciona, tengo problemas con mi computadora loca! Que pases linda semana!!
08/22/09 11:47:04PM @deliciosa: