Cost of goods produced

Hi Everyone, Been a long time member but I have not been in in a few years, the fact is that I had to close down my small chocolate business.. but...
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Which preservatives should add in compound chocolate?

Hello everyone, I make compound chocolates.If i want to commercialize my product then which preservatives should i add to increase the taste and...
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Alek Dabo

Deleted topic

Deleted text
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Nicole Gibson

Production Consultant/Mentor Required

Hi All, I am in the process of setting up a business making chocolate confectionery bars and I am seeking a consultant/mentor who can advise me in...
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Marc Laucks

I can be your eyes and ears at Pack Expo East

Hi All! I'll be attending http://www.packexpoeast.com/ in Philadelphia next Tuesday and Wednesday (2/28-3/1) on behalf of two produce clients and...
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Clay Gordon

Perfectly Duck-y Smashed Potatoes

I was making duck confit last weekend using Daniel Bouloud's recipe and I wanted to make smashed potatoes to go with it because I was cooking for...
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Stone grinder vs. Ball Mill

Hi! we're already producing chocolate with a 3rd party that owns a ball mill and we're interested in buying our own machines but the startup costs...
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Have Cocoa Trees

Hello Everyone, We have Cocoa trees in Tanzania. We are looking to raise funds to help build and support a desperately needed children's home for...
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Australian BeanToBar Producers List

Hi Everyone, Loving the site & the explosion going on in the Australian Bean to Bar chocolate world. We've complied a list of Current...
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Gerhard Petzl

Cocoa butter crystals library

Dear all, I am doing a lot of visual researches with chocolate and cocoa butter bloom. Is there actually a library available anywhere in the world...
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