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Cocoa Balls
Cocoa balls
cocoa balls ...
Roasting beans
cocoa shells and wet beans in bucket
drying day 1 detail
drying day 1
day 6 of fermentation
the yellow ones are the sweetest
empty shells



05/27/10 05:02:41PM @sebastian:
Sorry, i'm new here, didn't realize there were comments on my wall (or even the ability to do so!).. didn't see yours here until just now!I spend a lot of time in strange places, not all of which are entirely safe. Not long ago I was in Mexico doing some work, and had the experience of being surrounded by a dozen militia men with machine guns. I also had a bag of sugar that was not labeled as such as it was fresh out of a sugar mill. Things got exciting from there 8-)
05/18/10 09:20:53PM @jim2:
Heather,I'm interested in the tool you have displayed on your page. I'm a cacau farmer in Brazil and have never seen a similar tool. We have harvesting tools that cut the pods off but a much lighter, simple hooked blade. It's not very efficient and yours looks like several generations ahead of our regional tools. what is it called and is it sold commercially or made locally?