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05/05/10 08:58:22 @jm:
will try this.another thing, when using the little dipper is it ok to seed the back with untempered chocoalte? or does it have to be tempered
05/05/10 07:17:13 @jm:
P.S i am also finding using the dipper that small bits of seeded chocolate are entering the front area making it lumpy so tricky. Dont think the little dipper is the right machine for moulding as its prob better at just dipping in chocolates (small quantities) otherwise because a bit of chocolate is taken out at a time it might cause it go off temper. Still cant explain why the hand seeding method isnt working though! if at first you dont succeed.....
05/05/10 07:12:50 @jm:
I am going to try again this afternoon and see. If it comes out wrong again I will send a photo. Your advice is great and don think anyone could offer better advice its me doing something wrong.Another question, given that I need to use a min of 1kg and then seed with approx 20%, when i do temper and i start to pour into bar moulds, can I take my time to remove excess from mould and tap etc and the remaining chocolate in the bowl wont go out of temper? You see what I have been doing is madly rushing to put into all the moulds because I think its going to go out of temper and by the tie I go to the first mould its starting to solidify. Or can I warm the remaining up slightly so that its back into temper and that way its not all a huge rush
ilze van der Merwe
05/04/10 14:58:19 @ilze-van-der-merwe:
Hi Ilana dit gaan goed. I am sorry for not responding sooner but i've been quite busy the last three months and I am still trying to figure out how to use this site. Your chocolate photos are beautiful - you are so talented - whowww!
05/04/10 12:25:25 @jm:
Hello Ilana hope you are well. I have been trying to temper Manjari and it is driving me absolutely crazy. I am so upset. It is not turning out right. I have tried by hand and using the little dipper. I am at a real loss and dont know what to do. I melt to 55 c (or dipper at highest which is just under 49 c) and then seed to working temperature of 31.5 c.I dont know if it is that I am not warming the mould enough or too much or whether it is that I am waiting to see signs of solidifying before putting in the fridge. The choc comes out of mould comes out but its like some areas stuck to the mould and it is seen on the chocolate.
Pierpaolo Ruta
10/04/09 09:54:41 @pierpaolo-ruta:
Thank you Ilana, i hope to see you in Modica sometime.
Koa Kahili
11/02/08 01:53:59 @koa-kahili:
sure you can link my photos to your site with a link to