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cacao pollinator close up
cacao pollinator
cupuasu flower
cupuasu flower
New Kapahi strain
Criollo beans in huge hybrid pod
Criollo beans
young trees jpg
unripe criollo jpg
trinitario jpg
planting jpg
pod types jpg



12/29/09 11:11:55AM @kristina:
Great images, thanks!I was told by one experienced Maitre chocolatier the chocolate from Hawaii was the best he has tasted so far... I believed him at once and I am sitll a believer :).I wonder, if some oh your photograph would be available as caption...
Vanessa Barg
09/08/09 11:14:36AM @vanessa-barg:
i would love to trade some bars :)
Tina Tweedy
04/01/09 12:29:38AM @tina-tweedy:
Koa - your images here and on your website are phenomenal and so much great info - thanks for sharing!
Melanie Boudar
02/03/09 04:13:09AM @melanie-boudar:
Koa,I'd love to know more about your bars, I get a lot of requests for Hawaiian Chocolate in my store and like to support all of the farmers out there. That red pod picture is awesome!!
H.C. 'Skip' Bittenbender
02/02/09 10:58:04PM @hc-skip-bittenbender:
Koa,Did you get a chance to show the old Criollo tree to Chifumi Nagai or Ray Schnell when they were on Kauai a few weeks ago ? If not you can send dried leaves to Chifumi or me and we'll forward to Ray's lab. The red criollo in the picture you sent looks like the one we have on Oahu . Very straight tree. Looks like there are plenty of pods to harvest soon. As for the name it doesn't I don't recognize it.Skip
12/17/08 09:26:31PM @jim2:
Koa,I am a cocoa farmer in Brazil and I congratulate you on the excellence of your farms. I am very impressed at the quantity of fruit produced on the young trees.My wife and I manage a cocoa farm that was established by her father more than 100 years ago and I dream of having cocoa production similar to yours.What is the size of the farm and what are the ages of the trees displayed in your photos.Jim LucasFloresta Azul Bahia Brazil
11/18/08 03:43:43PM @chocofiles:
Hi. Is Garden Island Chocolate available anywhere in O'ahu? More specifically, is there any for sale in or near Kailua?
11/12/08 11:11:45AM @jingle:
wow..it'samazing Cacao Beans!!! I wonder if the Chocolate you produced was really excellent.... I am a Chocolate Lovers..and i would like to try your chocolate one day soon...i have read as well that you will held a seminars on this coming December..I would like to attend but unfortunately, i am so far and i cannot get my holiday that time...it's December, busy Month for Hotelier.... Thanks
11/05/08 07:04:17PM @lexbast:
11/02/08 04:52:48AM @ilana:
Hi. I put the link to your album on my site. When checking that all was in order, Idiscovered that after a few seconds of barely looking at your album, the page jumps to the homesite of chocolatelife and does not stay on your album. Do you know any other way??Thanks!
11/02/08 04:30:26AM @ilana:
Thank you very much!!
11/02/08 03:16:46AM @ilana:
Hello. I would like toknow if I can include a link to your album on my site under the content page of Theobroma cacao? I would include a thanks to you and a link to your site. Too bad I am so far away, so I can't taste your chocoalte! The pictures are gorgeous!! If this is not in order then no harm done - I completely understand. Thanks!Ilana
10/31/08 12:43:56PM @lexbast:
Hi, Can I use one of your photos for my blog?Thanks
Sacred Steve
10/30/08 04:56:49PM @sacred-steve:
Do you have any of the "Old Red" Criollo Variety commonly grown in Madagascar?
Sacred Steve
10/30/08 04:55:55PM @sacred-steve:
Thanks! We will call you! You will probably hear from Andrea or Camile (Goji).
Madame Cocoa
10/12/08 05:46:31PM @madame-cocoa:
Koa, those pods are gloriously beautiful!! What color! Can't wait to taste...
10/06/08 12:16:30AM @brady:
Thanks for the offer to make a special order, but I was only inquiring if one of your regular items was pure chocolate available at the retail sites on your webpage. I'm not interested in the special order though since I only was looking to have someone pick up a very small quantity. I'm curious though, if your chocolate is as good as you say it is, why not let it stand alone, without coconuts and other ingredients? To me, that would be the best way to showcase the 'World's Best Chocolate". Thanks again for your responses.
10/05/08 08:15:31PM @brady:
Koa- I have people who can bring it back for me, but I am only interested in having them go out of their way to get it if it is pure chocolate without the coconuts or macadamia. So, do you sell anything that fits that description? Brady
10/05/08 11:05:30AM @brady:
Koa- I love the idea of chocolate made from cacao grown in Hawaii. Do you have any offerings for pure dark bars without coconuts or macadamia? Also, in case you haven't seen it, Susie Norris posted a blog on Hawaii. Here's the link:http://www.thechocolatelife.com/profiles/blog/show?id=1978963%3ABlogPost%3A8069