Pierpaolo Ruta

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Sixth-generation owner of  Bonajuto. The oldest chocolate factory in Sicily ( Italy )

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11/03/09 06:33:35AM @ilana:
Hello!! Well today is my day!! My friend came and brought me your chocolate-finally!!!I loved absolutely everything about it-the wrapping is so so nice. It is such a different product. It evokes emotion for sure!! I had two bites of each bar (I have 3 bars). I am so lucky to have had this opportunity!! I also love Corallo's chocolate by the way. I hope one day to come to the store and see it with my own eyes but in the meantime I will enjoy a bite or two everyday!!! Totally Yummy.
10/03/09 02:09:46PM @giovanni:
benvenuto su Chocolate Life!
10/02/09 12:01:03PM @ilana:
Hello!WElcome to chocolatelife!! I am very pleased you joined this international group!!