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Pouring Chocolate in the Deep South

user image 2011-06-23
By: Jackie Jones
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With 98 degree temps, and humidity levels up to 90% outside, I am have difficulties pouring chocolates.

With the AC running at 65 & dehumidifier running - I can only obtain a 70 degree temp & 49% humidity level. When I pour my chocolates, I set them in the frig for 10 min & pop out and let sit on the counter for about 15 minutes before removing from the molds. Having major issues with larger bars - swirly light areas. Would this situation be resolved with a Hilliard Cooling Cabinet - the one for setting chocolate - about 36" wide by 40" tall with slots for 6 trays ($2500). Help! I use a counter top tempering machine (Chocovision Revolation)X3210 I am pouring 3 oz bars. (rectangle shapped from Tomric - custom design)


Jackie Jones
06/29/11 11:33:49 @jackie-jones:
Thank you for your comments. I"ll try stirring the chocolate more. It only happens with the larger molds. Interesting doing a conversion on a frig... Can't wait for the hot summer to ease up a bit here in NC. We are considering building an outdoor kitchen with more temperature controls rather than trying to cool the entire downstairs to a low temp for pouring chocolate. Any suggestions? No shop that I have to run, but chocolates go into commissioned shops which is working for me.
Dave Elliott
06/29/11 11:17:31 @dave-elliott:

Temperature is uneven within the chocolate mass in a Chocovision or similar machine. It helps to stir the chocolate well before pouring - this can resolve the swirls. I would also let 3oz bars cool longer in the fridge, up to 30m.

IMO, a 70F 49rH should be more than adequate to achieve proper temper.

antonino allegra
06/26/11 04:01:20 @antonino-allegra:


you could use a counter fridge (like the ones from a bar/restaurant) modified in the gas pressure.

I have bought one at an auction ($350) and a fridge technician did the modification.

It now runs @ 16C and although is not perfect (like a specially design choc. cabinet) it does work and it is perfect for my budget.