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Liana Ayala
03/21/19 04:00:40PM @liana-ayala:

Hi Jessica, I have purchased some cocoa butter from Ecuador at Conexion chocolate, it  is really good. Try  to contact them because I don't know if they have it now. how much do you need? because I have some and maybe I can help you out with it. Liana

Gifford Laube
01/10/14 11:59:38AM @gifford-laube:

Hi Jessica,

We have beans and nibs available. It would be good to get you a sample, but sometimes that costs way too much from Nicaragua ($180 for a kilo or two). When I have someone I trust heading back to the States, I will try to send a sample along with them. It works way better that way I feel. If you give me an email address, I could send along more info about us.

Regards from Matagalpa