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Casey Hickey
03/25/10 11:37:30AM @casey-hickey:
actually, i'm in northern california - marin county, just north of SF. but, i have good friends in dobbs ferry, ny, and my dad was from queens. i grew up in NC and have been out here 15 years. planning to move back later this year w/ hubby and 2 little boys to NC to launch our business. i just checked out your website and wonder if, at some point soon, i could pick your brain a bit about your own business. we're targeting a wine shop/tasting bar with a small 'shop within a shop' for my chocolates and then merchandising a few, well-edited gourmet selections. possibly also serving small plates at the wine bar. maybe a future chat?
Casey Hickey
03/25/10 12:25:14AM @casey-hickey:
Thanks Jon! It's been a long time coming...
03/24/10 11:36:49PM @sara2:
Thanks, Jon. It's absolutely divine to be here!