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Jeff Kuehl
10/04/11 11:05:34 @jeff-kuehl:
Thanks for the quick response. I am in the recipe-testing stage of my bean-to-bar business planning. I would like to use Nacional beans. Obviously, I am dealing in small batches at the moment. What is the minimum order of raw dried beans, in terms of weight, that you could offer? What are the prices and shipping costs for various sizes of orders?
Joseph Meza
08/14/11 21:09:56 @joseph-meza:

Hello everyone. My name is Joe Meza, me and my wife Barbara Wilson own Mindo Chocolate Makers. We started our company about 2 years ago. We have a restaurant and cacao processing plant in Mindo, Ecuador. We buy our cacao from a 54 family cooperative. We only buy the Nacional variety and we insist on buying only good beans, no monilla. We pay better than fair trade prices.

We have built a fermentation and drying site, we also roast our own beans and winnow them. We ship our nibs to Michigan where we make our chocolate. We have increased our production to the point where we can start selling our own line of beans and nibs.

We have been doing chocolate tours on our site and it has become very popular. Mindo is a very touristy area and we give the tours to people from all over the world.