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I'm not in the chocolate industry, I'm a health professional -- a registered dietitian/nutritionist with a doctorate in nutrition. That's actually why I love everything about chocolate from the bean to the bar and my fascination and interest seem to increase, not wane, the more I learn about it.  I'm also able to read and understand the research on all things cacao and, while chocolate may never have the health status of wild salmon, a little is fine and might even be terrific.  My approach to nutrition skews pragmatic: strike a balance between what we know we need and what we don't want to live without.  Food is to be enjoyed and has to be about more than just nutrients.  I've said for years: I would never put a person on any dietary regimen that didn't allow for an ounce of chocolate every day.  

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Jessie Dardar
08/07/11 06:06:51 @jessie-dardar:

Thanks Keith,

For the moment, I only do caterering and supply a few restaurants inNew Jerey with desserts. My goal is to be in a least one store in New York by the end of the year.