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Kristofer Kalas
@kristofer-kalas • 3 years ago • comments: 0
Posted a response to "If given the option between a 3 phase and a single phase temperer/enrober which is the better choice"
" Clay Gordon: The 3-phase machine will be more energy efficient when compared with a single-phase machine, and because of the way they are built,..."
Kristofer Kalas
@kristofer-kalas • 3 years ago • comments: 0
Posted a response to "F/S: Selmi One Temperer $5000 - NY"
"Hi Diana, I am interested in your machine. Please let me know if it is still for sale. Kind regards, Kristofer "



Jean-Marie Auboine
01/11/14 12:45:27PM @jean-marie-auboine:

The shipping cost to NY should be very reasonable, I think around $500 and even less. I'm able to sell the machine at $9,500 immediately to get a more space in my kitchen but it's not urgent.

Jean-Marie Auboine
01/11/14 12:16:51PM @jean-marie-auboine:

Hi Kristofer,

I understand, it was the same for us and very busy for the holiday season. Yes i still have the Comfit available and run Great. I just bought 2 bigger size because of the wholesale volume. I bought this machine 2 years ago from Tomric and I paid around $16,500 with shipping cost and spray system. I have an extra Gear Box and motor because when the machine was in warranty, it was a little noise from the box. Selmi sent me a complete Gear box and motor to replace but the 1st one was running great.

Call me anytime to discuss 702-541-0131 or please give me your phone number and i will call you.

Thank you

Alfredo Poncio
09/11/13 09:59:48AM @alfredo-poncio:

Kristofer: Just email me to and we'll discuss the SELMI one deal. Thanks. Alfredo