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Premier Wonder Grinder

By: Landen Zernickow
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A new post is up about our new melanger and our biggest batch yet! Check it out at the address below:


12/17/16 04:18:15PM @christopher52:

Do you recommend the Premier Wonder grinder over the Premier Lifestyle? The Lifestyle can make bigger batches, but I am also undecided about the tilting and non-tilting features. Any suggestions?

02/11/16 03:36:55PM @erin:

I love your post!  So great to see people starting off making their own chocolate. Vive la revolution in chocolate!

Wanted to give you an update.  John Nanci, of Chocolate Alchemy, turned his relationship with Premier and Diamond Custom Machines over to me due to a conflict of interest he had with another machine company he sells equipment for.  

There is now a Chocolate Maker Upgrade for the Premier Wonder Grinder and an upgraded Chocolate Refiner.  This will allow you to better start from nibs when making chocolate and not need to pre-grind your nibs.  The upgrades include more robust gears for the longer run times required for making chocolate.  The new Polyurethane belt doesn't leave behind the black particulate you'll find with the standard Wonder Grinder and has a longer life.  The upgrades also include fully sealed ball bearings that are better for dealing with cocoa butter.  The new and upgraded machines also have the advantage of running quieter than the standard Wonder Grinder and with more efficient refinement.

Larger Commercial Refiners are also available that process 65 and 100 lb batch sizes.

I'm happy to answer questions about these machines and you can reach me directly (info at indi chocolate dot com).

Happy chocolate making!

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