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Lars Klassen
01/31/10 05:53:08AM @lars-klassen:
Hi, Mimi, I have a bit of experience in cacao/chocolate, yes, and I'm friend of Pierrick's and Jeff, although I'm not chocolatier like you all. When you get down here, I'd be please to have coffee (or chocolate, if you like!) with you all here in Quito. When you get down here, write me, or call my cel at 098 100 522, and let's get together. Finally, my names Danish in origin (1831, when my dad's side came from Schleiswig Holstein) but I'm from Monterey, CA, where I grew up. Take care, and see you when you get here, L
Mimi Wheeler
01/30/10 11:48:36PM @mimi-wheeler:
Hi Lars, Your name keeps popping up in discussions about chocolate on Chocolate life and Pierrick's site. You have interesting things to say. I am traveling with other women to Ecuador (Quito/Otavalo) to help my friend Miriam (Quichua) start of a small handmade chocolate production (chocolatier-like me) We will try source chocolate for her and provide her with a micro-loan put together by friends. I am in touch with Jeff Stern and will meet him in Quito.If you can offer any advice- we'd appreciate. more about me at: . Are you Scandinavian? I'm a Dane. sincerely, mimi
02/05/09 09:37:35AM @casey:
Yes, thanks for your visit and thoughtful comments in the discussion. Glad to see you around here, and hope to hear more of your contributions.