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Kickstarter Project

By Linda Crawford, 2013-08-26

We are in our last days of a Kickstarter Project in hopes of getting funded. We have such a passion for what we are doing and a grand vision of education, fun and support of our local economy and creating amazing confections with honey as a sweetener.

For those of you who are not familiar with Kickstarter it is a crowd funding site...if you don't meet your goal you get nothing..all or nothing.

I have been in the background of these boards, learned a lot, posted a little..and never thought until now..hindsight, to share what has been going on with our business. So I would like to start by sharing our Kickstarter project.

As all of you are aware..the costs are high to start up a business. We have been grass roots and now we need assistance to flourish.

Is this a politically correct forum to ask for support ... maybe not...or maybe it is the perfect place. We support each other with our Chocolate challenges..maybe this is just the perfect place.

We have purchased some of our equipment..from others going out of business...yikes! But it is the nature of the beast. We found an amazing spot in Tubac, AZ to lease. 97-Newstore1.jpg?width=300

We have had to obtain an architect to draw up the blue print, nothing major needs to be done, but an approval needs to happen none the less. Still waiting for the drawing! The kitchen has to pass all inspections. We still have high costs which will exceed what we are asking for on Kickstarter .

We would still love a Savage Bros Firemixer..our mainstay is our caramel, a chocolate tempering machine, even better a melinger! Of course, the list goes on...and on....and keeps getting longer!

99-VelvetMesquiteCaramellogo.png?width=300 The above is our Velvet Mesquite Honey Caramel.

This has sure been a wild ride. I wake up in the middle of the night wondering how I got here. I just could not let go of the passion for organic, local and fair trade ingredients coaxing them to create an exciting result. My partner..husband and I have such a passion for this..that we haven't bought new clothes for awhile! I am sure you can you do the math!

We feel there are so many folks watching and depending on our success in our community...which has one of the highest unemployment in our state. We want to stimulate our economy and others economy in such a sweet way..that is gentle to the earth while promoting sustainability.

Well...enough said time to wrap it up! Which I do a lot of ahhhh another dream a wrapping machine!


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