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Is Vietnam the new 'cool' origin chocolate?

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By: Lisabeth Flanagan
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Is Vietnam the new 'cool' origin chocolate?

Since Marou started making waves among chocolate lovers worldwide, there are telltale signs that Vietnamese cacao is becoming the trendy thing to do in bean-to-bar chocolate. Here is my list of single-origin chocolate bars that I've found made from Vietnamese beans:  Do you know of any others? I'd love to learn about them!


01/31/17 01:34:24 @marck:

Dear Lisabeth,  thank you for your post.

I am proud to say yes theis is other Bean to bar plantation in Vietnam working hard to produce great quality chocolat.

ALLUVIA Plantation is based in the Mekong Delta , Tien Giang Province. 

I will be very pleased to provide you other information if you need it . you caln follow us on Twitter : @alluvia11,