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01/03/09 03:31:20PM @teresa:
Holy Cow! I just had the best toffee I've ever experienced: white chocolate macadamia fleur de sel. http://www.getsweetnothings.com/categories/Artisan_Toffee.aspx
02/13/08 01:54:55PM @teresa:
Oh yeah!! Orange blossoms. Yum. I hadn't thought about that one for ages. Dee-lish. My next project is to try to nail down red velvet cake. Yesterday was the first step: making food coloring the old fashioned way -- out of beets.
02/13/08 09:27:08AM @teresa:
Hey Lorna, Have you seen the Green Guide's thing on organic chocolate?http://www.thegreenguide.com/products/Food_&_Drink/Chocolate
02/01/08 09:56:06PM @teresa:
Excellent. I'll pay it a visit! We just finished a fine hot chocolate, and I'm now convinced that the secret ingredient (besides salt, duh) is a quick whirl in a powerful blender before serving. Frothing things up makes such a difference.
01/29/08 06:34:13PM @teresa:
Hmm...what will the local flavors be around here? There's the whole muscadine grape and green fig thing, as well as stuff like sorghum and chicory. I'll have to give more thought to this and see which flavors want to make friends with chocolate.
Sean Cooney
01/29/08 06:00:38PM @sean-cooney:
It's actually a standard, flourless chocolate cake. It was, however, my first run in with such a cake and remains my favorite of the species. It's from The River Cafe Cookbook by Rogers and Grey.
Clay Gordon
01/29/08 11:46:27AM @clay:
Lorna:Welcome to The Chocolate Life and thanks for jumping in feet first with your thoughts. The Chocovic Guaranda at Trader Joe's one of the better deals going on chocolate.