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06/27/16 14:09:26 @danielle2:

Hi I was pretty successful in getting in contact with Lakshimi.  They quoted me 59,000 rupees (2.8 million pesos) to ship via sea freight 3 machines.  They stated it would take 2 weeks to build the machines and 60 days to get here on the boat.  I opted to buy a santha as it came via air freight, but that was a mistake, it came fast but there was an additional 3 million pesos in taxes and naturalization.  I found a guy who does importing/exporting here in Medellin that said if I wanted to buy more machines, better to have him arrange to pick up at the factory in India to avoid all the taxes.  If you are interested in buying some machines, let me know, as buying many together might work out cheaper.

06/13/16 10:41:07 @mark4604:

Sure thanks roman,  do you have or used a lakshmi grinder? I'm looking for some feedback about them?  I want to make sure I buy something that will last and not break  or overheat.  Also If you have info about fbm  tempering units i would like hear about it. thanks for your  time and answers.

06/13/16 01:32:31 @rroman:


do you have the email of Lakshmi when I sent them an email they were very quick to respond 

06/13/16 01:31:27 @rroman:

I also see you were looking at continuous tempering machines from alibaba. I don't the same...and have fopound something like the FBM units at a good price if your intersted I could send you the info and the sales persons nMe and skype. 

06/12/16 21:04:25 @rroman:

Lakshmi 918056545552.

its not always easy to get a hold of them....I don't think the guy comes into the office until 10-10:30 am Indian at lunch time and back in at around 2. Not a big window.