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Growing Cacao in Costa Rica

By Michael Petti, 2014-08-14

32-DSCF2902.JPG?width=75034-DSCF2904.JPG?width=75036-DSCF2921.JPG?width=75038-DSCF2940.JPG?width=75040-DSCF2960.JPG?width=750We have started growing Cacao on our finca in the rain forest near the volcano Arenal in Costa Rica . We planted two trees and have started some from beans the we got from a pod .We had 100% of them sprout .Does anybody have any suggestions to aid in both the growth rate of the trees and also the yield . The first photo isof the pod .the second the beans in the pod . the third the beans sprouting [ on the left cleaned - on the right - un - cleaned ] . the next is in pots and the last four days later transplanted into cow manure . As you can see they are growing very rapidly . Thank you - PEACE FROM THE JUNGLE!!!

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