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Andre Banks Rocha
10/05/16 07:56:25 @luisa-abram-chocolates:

Have you sold your Savage Bros tempering machine yet? If not, I´m interested in it as well.

Mark Gerrits
09/14/16 17:07:38 @mark-gerrits:

i'm in Santiago, Chile.

Mr. Brian Wallace
09/14/16 10:26:56 @mr-brian-wallace:

50 lbs, full depositor setup. We'll probably be asking $5500-$6000. Where are you located?

Mark Gerrits
09/14/16 09:46:40 @mark-gerrits:

how many kg/lb?  does it have a depositor?  how much will you be asking for it?

Mr. Brian Wallace
09/13/16 10:28:54 @mr-brian-wallace:

Ours was made in 2012 and is in fantastic condition

Mark Gerrits
09/13/16 09:59:38 @mark-gerrits:

Hi Brian.  thanks for the link. what model/year do you have and how would you describe its condition?

cheers, Mark