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10/19/16 10:34:42 @psydynasty:

We are starting our second batch today after talking to Matt from Fortuna Chocolate about how to improve our chocolate and this batch we are going to put our cacao liquor  in a melanger for much longer. Also we used Matt's winnowing machine to separate nibs and shells. But our problem so far was that there was still moisture in beans. Our solution is going to be to roast the beans again. 

09/19/16 11:19:08 @psydynasty:

Today Ira came to speak to our class to talk to us about his process of making chocolate and what it takes to make chocolate liquor and why it tastes the way it does. What we have done so far os preheat the oven to 250 degrees, strain and rinse the cacao beans to remove dirt, cracking and winnowing the beans. IT took a while for us to figure out an effective way to get the cracking and winnowing done quickly. The fastest way we found was to use a blow dryer and crush up some of the beans and put them in a bowl and use the blow dryer to blow away all the shells. We were suggested to only roast the beans at 230 next time and 185 degrees for winnowing them.

Today what we did was finally get our cacao and sugar into the malanger and tempering the chocolate with blow dryers and hot plates. Our container broke so what we’re going to end up having to do is watch another group’s process.