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By Rev. R. M. Peluso, 2016-03-27

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Hi,I'm Reverend R. M. Peluso. I'm an interfaith and nondenominational minister and I lead Chocolate Tasting Meditations of CM (tm). My meditations have been featured at the Chocolate Salon in San Francisco and The Community of Peace & Spirituality (now disbanded) in NYC.I am quite happy to take my meditations where ever invited.You can read more about what I do at Http://ministry.rmpeluso.comclick on Meditation.My experience is that truly tasting chocolate requires a smilar focus to meditation and can help people who think they cannot meditate to begin to do so. It is also my experience that true tasting is so mentally involving that you soon realize you cannot overconsume without being soemwhat unconscious. So I believe this skill can help people enjoy chocolate while actually losing weight. I've done this myself and have realized that if I'm consuming more than a few pieces a day, I'm probably unconscious during the rest of it. While focusing on quality rather than quantity, we also avoid the more stimulating effects (unless that interests you!) and reduce stress. (Unless the stimulation ultimately leads to a release of stress!)I am wondering if others who are serious chocolate tasters also meditate. If so ,did you meditate before becoming serious tasters or after and what observations you might share about the relationship of tasting to meditation. I should add that I feel it is the goal to bring the consciouseness we learn in meditation to everyday activities. It's about bringing into our lives a state of being present, nonreactive, and compassionate. So my work involves not only working with chocolate, but helping people discover these states within moments "off the cushion" so to speak, in the activities of daily life.
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