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Best Bean Sources for Artisan Chocolate making

By Richard Foley, 2011-06-07

I just got back from the Big Island in Hawaii, visited with a few farmers and chocoalte makers, while our chefs did three pastry and chocolate demos in Maui, Kona, and Honolulu. What a great experience, and what a motivation for me to get to know more about the growing, fermenting, and drying of not just cacao beans, but also the amazing and creative means people have of making their own chocolate. I have seen many huge production factories all over the world, but never have I experienced true chocolate making like I did in a few hours with my new freind Sharky near Hilo. Now my hunt must continue, to find more Sharky's around the world, and find a selection of say 10 of the most exotic top quality beans so I can fulfill my dream of producing the best possible chocolate possible, here in Southern California. Anyone knowing where I can find and experience some of the best beans on the planet, please let me know, and I will keep you up to date on my progress in sourcing the most advanced equipment that will enable me to make, from a mechanical standpoint, the very best chocolate

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