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Susie Funder
@susie-funder • 9 years ago

I would like to put latest pictures on this page, but I don't know how to do.


Susie Funder
@susie-funder • 9 years ago

Hi all chocolate friends in Denmark. I have written a book for learning to work with chocolate. I am also teaching in chocolate at in DK 2620 Albertslund, both children from abt. 6 years to young people and adults. You can find my books on the webshop of, also at the Danish libraries and Danish bookshops. MIN CHOKOLADE BOG, Susie Funder.

I am fighting against the high tax on chocolate, marcipan and cakes, hoping, the a new Parliament will make lower tax and stop the yearly increases of taxes on these products. This Government has introduced the high tax in 2011, because they claim, that chocolate, almonds, marcipan etc. are unhealthy products!!! Very chocking.

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Susie Funder
02/14/11 13:56:53 @susie-funder: I am teaching in partycakes and wedding cakes during the first half year and from september on I am teaching in choclate work. There is no chocolate culture in Denmark. The offers in really super quality is poor. Most people don't know how really good chocolate tastes. (my daughters company) is the Danish agent for rainforest chocolate from . It is sad to tell, that the world best restaurant NOMA in Copenhagen has not the best chocolate.