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Dawn Olson
12/11/08 11:59:25PM @dawn-olson:
I am so glad to hear from you, I too have been very busy. I am having problems with my computer, we are not sure but might have lost everything, so I didn't have any address or anything, so tonight is the first time I have been on in 3 weeks and I got an e-mail from you. After the holidays I will have more time as you to write more. I am very interested in keeping in touch and talking chocolate. I just started my web-site, so that is my store for now. Good luck and talk to you soon.
Dawn Olson
11/22/08 12:31:59AM @dawn-olson:
So why do you call yourself Truffles? Do you make them yourself or just like to eat them? I am not on line a lot but trying to make some friends. I have a small business out of my home, making truffles. This is my busy time of year. Hope to hear from you.
Clay Gordon
05/04/08 10:22:27AM @clay:
Truffles:Welcome to The Chocolate Life. I hope we can help you along your own path of chocolate discovery - and that you can help others. :: Clay