Thermoformed mold idea

Katie Wilson
12/04/14 11:47:54AM
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Hey guys,

I purchased custom molds from Tomric, and they look awesome. I am definitely happy with them apart from the bit of flexibility they have. I immediately began wondering if you could flip the mold over, exposing the underside, and fill it with some sort of resin to fill in the cavity, creating a solid block. Has anyone ever done this? It could be a cheaper alternative to purchasing the injection molds.

Any thoughts? suggestions?

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Potomac Chocolate
12/04/14 12:48:34PM
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Something like this was discussed in this thread:

In that one, though, the idea was to glue a rigid bar to the bottom of a mold.

For yours, I think you may have problems with the mold retaining temperature and the bars not cooling correctly. Do you warm your molds?

Katie Wilson
12/04/14 01:05:57PM
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Thanks for the reply,

We currently do not warm the molds, and havent had issues (yet) as described in the link you added.

If the mold is filled in from below it would then contain a larger mass - wouldnt it then cool faster? I can only imagine a greater dispersion of heat from the chocolate into the mold itself. Its worth noting I am not knowledgeable in this by any means, and am just creating my own theories.


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