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06/14/09 11:18:38 @bhuvan:
Very nice bro!! Are you a chef...
Arun Bhargava
05/17/09 03:06:45 @arun-bhargava:
I am just trying to put hyperlink to the website www.ipfco.com
Arun Bhargava
05/17/09 03:04:31 @arun-bhargava:
Hi Abdul,We do deal in a wide range of chocolate moulds, transfer sheets, structure sheets, melters, guitar cutters, terpers, enrobers, and many types of packaging for chocolates.We also have a range of mousse cups, punnets and catering supplies.It would be helpful, if you check www.ipfco.comWe are based in Mumbai, India.by the way, are you connected to some hotel in Delhi ?
Arun Bhargava
05/10/09 06:33:55 @arun-bhargava:
Hello,what is this all India chocolate Competition?Did you win?
Rajarajeshwari Kainthaje
04/18/09 23:46:23 @rajarajeshwari-kainthaje:
Hi,Hi,Apart from Zest infusion, I use fruit concentrates Which I make myself. Sometimes I use essential oils too. But it is very rare, since in my area it is difficult to find essential oils in the market. I bought some from the US. It is about to get exhausted. I don`t have the idea , whether they are available in your place.Raji.
abdul aneeze
03/30/09 23:56:31 @abdul-aneeze:
thanks for reply,pastry chef in westin sohna,gurgaon,now i am joininghilton delhi as asst. pastry chef, yaa i do chocolates.anis
Rajarajeshwari Kainthaje
03/29/09 09:46:18 @rajarajeshwari-kainthaje:
Hi,Thank you for the prompt reply. I am a professional chocolatier. So I am curious about it. Are you a chocolatier? Chocolate maker ??? Just curioity.Raji.
Rajarajeshwari Kainthaje
03/27/09 02:52:44 @rajarajeshwari-kainthaje:
Hi,Never heard of All India Chocolate competition. What is it ? Who conducts it? Please give details of the competition.Raji from Karnataka.