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fine cocoa beans?

Hi Everyone!Do you think fine cocoa...
@Bhuvan 12 years ago - Comments: 3

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Arun Bhargava
06/08/09 08:28:32AM @arun-bhargava:
Thanks for inviting me as your can check to see my work on chocolate.What is your area of work?Arun.
Sarah Gross
03/05/09 07:17:18AM @sarah-gross:
I work at Gnosis Chocolate. It's raw, organic, and vegan :) I also dance and teach pilates. What do you do?
Sarah Gross
03/03/09 03:56:04PM @sarah-gross:
wow good job personalizing your page! I love the dark, bitter stuff too!
dyan andriaty
01/18/09 09:32:15PM @dyan-andriaty:
i will try to help you....what do you want to know from indo cocoa???
dyan andriaty
01/15/09 09:31:53PM @dyan-andriaty:
hi too...sorry but i didn't grow cocoa...hummm the fact i'm not really good with gardening...i just like chocolate n like make something with chocolate..thanks for your comment