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11/02/08 03:13:44AM @ilana:
Oh okay- I thought it was yours... sorry!! Thanks though
11/01/08 06:31:22PM @ilana:
Hi. Well I couldn't find a place to send you a pm-sorry! Anyway, on my site I have a page about theobroma cacao. I would love to put a link to your album with those gorgeous pictures. Of course I will also give a link to your site- I would need your URL- and a personal thanks. If this is not in order I completely accept that underastand it and no bad feelings!thanks!!Ilana
11/01/08 06:46:49AM @ilana:
Hello. can I send you a personal message?ThanksIlana
Sacred Steve
10/30/08 03:13:07AM @sacred-steve:
Hi Anna, I would be interested in obtaining some Criollo Varieties to grow on my partner's farm in Kauai. Do you sell the saplings/starts?Aloha!Sacred
Ardnas Nnyl
10/16/08 02:17:55PM @ardnas-nnyl:
Hey Wing-tip Tootie---------I'll be glad to get to know True Chocolate. I'll take it slow (unlike the Hershey's which I just, alas, snarfed while in the Rose Garden at Gage Park. )
10/12/08 09:05:28PM @holycacao:
we live out in the boonies. From my house Ican see the dead sea, as well as the mountains of Moab in Jordan. We are trying to start a small factory in our community. Our community is comprised of Religious observant Jews who are extremely learned, rightous pure people. In short we love it. Many people in our community have offered to help in many aspects of starting this business,beyond taste testing. I've only made 3 batches of chocolate, made from samples sent by various brokers. No one in Israel makes chocolate from the beans, and the importing of agricultural product is pretty new to me. Also my Hebrew isn't the best. But working at home, making chocolate still is way better than being the chef of a restaurant. So I guess that's what we're doing out here.I imagine you make chocolate from your beans. I can't even imagine being able to grow my own cacao! If only I was obssessed with humus and falafel, instead of chocolate.I would love to try hawaiin beans. I love kona coffee, it's obvious you have great growing conditions. What types of cacau do you have?