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12/29/09 13:45:26 @kristina:
Hi Anna,is this chocolate festival an annual event? I t would be great to be there next year...
Enrico Lorea
07/01/09 03:43:38 @enrico-lorea:
Hi Anna, I'm a chocolate lover and I'm planning to open a chocolate shop and artisanal lab on my own.I 'm very interested to know more about cocoa farmers and their products, expecially small cooperatives and producers from Latin America, to value possibilities to import their products.Could you tell me wich cocoa producers will partecipate this year to Eurochocolate World exposition?Can i attend The International Summit " in the hearth of chocolate"? it's free for the public? i love the themes you will talking about, and i would like to keep in touch with some of your spokesman guested at the summit.Thank very much for helping meRegardsEnrico Lorea
06/26/09 14:46:17 @jim2:
Hello AnnaI would like to receive detail information regarding the chocolate festival. My plans are to be in France for another chocolate festival during the period and would like to visit your location also.Best regardsJim Lucas
Tom Neuhaus
06/19/09 17:53:48 @tom-neuhaus:
Hi Anna. I will ask my superiors whether there is any chance of funding. I will also try another source just in case... Tom Neuhaus
Tom Neuhaus
06/19/09 17:02:52 @tom-neuhaus:
Hi Anna. Because of California's economic situation, ALL university travel paid by the state has been suspended. Hard times. Tom Neuhaus
Tom Neuhaus
06/19/09 08:25:23 @tom-neuhaus:
Hi Anna. Thanks for asking me. Unfortunately, I cannot afford to fly to Italy. But I certainly would like to participate in such a forum! Tom Neuhaus