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Jean SongWinds
02/16/12 10:27:50 @jean-songwinds:

Hello Tom, I am new here. I read the article about Broguhe and have a sewing machine that works well, it is an older model. Would it be of use for the sewing room? Let me know and I will see if I can connect with someone to get it there. Good Chocolate adventures to you! Jean SongWinds

Ma. Delpha Estrada
09/12/11 13:19:43 @ma-delpha-estrada:

Aloha Tom,

Thanks so much for responding. I enjoyed reading your blog and I am really impressed of your initiatives to help cocoa farmers. I am also aiming for a Cacao Center, which is planned to be a one- stop shop and training center for cacao technology, processing, marketing, etc. in the Philippines. I am looking for a funding institution which can help me reach out the coconut and cacao farmers in my place. Cacao is planted as an intercrop to coconut trees in the Phlippines. Coconut farmers are the poorest sector in our country. This is an environment- friendly project which can provide them a sustainable additional income. I hope you can also include Philippines in your undertakings and I hope to have a fruitful partnership with you. God bless you and mahalo!


Anna Franceschini
06/22/09 11:16:05 @anna-franceschini:
HOC09_APPLICATION FORM_ing.doc Dear Mr. NEUHAUS, Thanks very much for your Kindness.In the file Attached you can find a breaf program of the Summit and the application form to join it.I hope that it would be useful to help you on your fund raising to your superior.feel free to contact me for all the information you need.regardsAnna FranceschiniEurochocolate
Anna Franceschini
06/19/09 09:03:18 @anna-franceschini:
Dear MR.NEUHAUS, thanks very much for your kind reply.I know that the flight for Italy are not so cheap but I hope that you can find some convenient for October. We usually cover to the Summit Speecher the nigth spent in Perugia to join the festival.Your projects and activities are very interesting and it could be very useful for us and you as well, meet the delegation of ghana and ivorian org involved in chocolate village project. As well as professor of Science nutrition you can join the meeting on chocolate properties and nutritional factors in pregnant women.We also are trying to contact Mr. Howard YAna Shapiro , ex "seeds of change" now main actor of the MArs inc. swift to more ethical cocoa production. So if you know how to reach him, i would be very grateful.Hoping for your presence at the SummitBest RegardsAnna Franceschini
Anna Franceschini
06/19/09 02:37:35 @anna-franceschini:
Dear Mr. NEUHAUS , i'm Anna Franceschini International Officer Of Eurochocoate Festival. Th most important chocolate festival in Italy. I would like to invite you at The International Summit " In the Hearth of Chocolate" 21th October, that will debate on ethical and sustainable projects on chocolate world, supported by ICCO and Fair trade italy.I red about the project "hope ang farness helping African cocoa farmers" and it would be a plesure that you could came in italy to talk about this program.feel free to ask me more about the festival ata.franceschini@eurochocolate.comwww.eurochocolate.comBest regards.Anna Franceschini