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By Annick Vliegen, 2009-11-24
Hello,I am looking for new brands of Chocolate.I have a online shop with delicatesse and it is not such a big succes . So knowing everybody in the world lies chocolate I had the idea to have a makeover of my shop and sell all kind of chocolates from all over the world.Now, I am looking for producers who make special blend, and chocolatiers who make unusual chocolate bars from all over the world.Is ther some one who can help me?My shop is located in Belgium so I must also consider the kind of chocolate the locales are used.If you know of some good producer and chocolatiers you can contact me atvliegenannick@gmail.comThanks for helping me out on thisGreetings,Annick Vliegenwww.withgusto.beblog (sorry only in dutch)
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