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Vercruysse Geert
02/17/10 08:41:52 @vercruysse-geert:
Hoi Annick,Finally we are friends ;-)Geert
xinhong liu
01/23/10 14:53:19 @xinhong-liu:
Thanks very much for wanting to be my friend.
Kathleen Vreeken
01/07/10 05:54:32 @kathleen-vreeken:
Annick,I will gladly keep my eyes out for you.
Kathleen Vreeken
01/05/10 07:14:19 @kathleen-vreeken:
Annick,Thank you for the support and your kind message.As for the chocolate, I like to use El Rey (Venezuela). I find that their chocolate has a natural flavor with a true sense of "wild" in the taste. I often blend it with some of the more refined chocolates. Also, Amano chocolate (also a member of The Chocolate Life) is a start-up chocolate maker. I have not tried their product yet but am planning to in the near future.Please tell me more about yourself and your business. I still have a lot of family and friends in Holland and am thinking about finding a way to extend my business across the Atlantic to them.Happy New Year and good luck in 2010.
01/01/10 03:48:31 @thea:
Happy new year to you too Annick^_^, wish you could reach all resolutions which have been set up before in this year. Also for your chocolate business, may it run great in this year too, I've seen the all products of yours, those are gorgeous, beautiful, good luck Annick, May us protect always by the God's hands also...^_^
Matt Caputo
12/11/09 08:27:45 @matt-caputo:
Annick,I could not disagree more about Callebaut. I do not view it as fine chocolate. To me the taste of cacao has been erased by wholesale over roasting and WAY too much vanilla. Thank you for the suggestion though.
11/30/09 06:34:24 @scarlet:
Hey Annick,nice to meet you!Looking forward to connect and network!tasty regards from Holland,Scarlet
Sonja De Coninck
11/19/09 02:41:23 @sonja-de-coninck:
HelloIk ken Jan-Evert al. Leuke man met heel wat interesse in chocolade.
Sonja De Coninck
11/19/09 02:12:06 @sonja-de-coninck:
Hello Annick,Fijn je hier te ontmoeten. Te weinig Belgen zijn in chocolade genteresseerd. Nog een prettige dag.Groetjes,Sonja