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Mark J Sciscenti
02/20/13 11:08:50 @mark-j-sciscenti:

Hi Barbie - Thanks for connecting. Welcome to the chocolate life! Seattle is a great place - I used to live in Olympia (went to Evergreen). I have some friends in Seattle. Do you know Kristy Leissle? She is one of the organizers of the Seattle Chocolate Festival. She has received a PhD in Chocolate. She is also here on The Chocolate Life.

What is your background as to your interest in the history of chocolate? I've been giving lectures for some time - just gave a slew of them over the last 8 months at several museums here in NM as well as at several private presentations. I have an extensive powerpoint with many images - too many actually - too many to fit into a 1 hour lecture!

Speak with you soon - you can contact me at:

Alex Radcliffe
09/09/12 00:52:51 @alex-radcliffe:

Sorry. No, not coming to the choc fest this year. Our shop is very busy and we can't take time away during this time of year. But have fun!