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01/29/10 03:58:09 @kristina:
Hi Mark, I was so happy to find an (interview?) podcast at Santa Fe Arts and Culture... unfortunatelly it tuned out as "not found".
Juli Somers
01/22/10 14:17:02 @juli-somers:
Hi Mark - This is Juli Somers. I am trying to reach you to see if you would like to do a presentation at a place called Oasis in Albuquerque for their summer term. Please call me at 920-4418 or email Thanks!!
Elaine Gonzalez
10/06/09 14:23:38 @elaine-gonzalez:
Hi Mark,Glad to welcome you as a new friend. I regret to tell you that my final chocolate tour to Mexico was in May 2009. Right now I don't have any plans to go again. So sorry.
Melanie Boudar
09/20/09 17:09:38 @melanie-boudar:
Hi Mark,I've met Nat at a few Cacao group functions when I've been on Oahu.I am friends with Derek from Dole.I don't have an opening for a pastry chef at this time( the resorts have laid off a lot of pastry chefs) but you never know...I'm organizing a wine and chocolate and green tea and chocolate sunset sail with an Ocean adventure co so if if its a success for all of us someone will need to lecture on the boats! My friends have a green tea farm which is pretty cool.
Melanie Boudar
09/19/09 12:21:08 @melanie-boudar:
Hi Mark,I am a former New Mexican of 30 years living in Hawaii now. We grow and process lots of chocolate here. Come visit and I'll show you around.(you'd have to bring green chili though)
Sarah Hart
08/30/09 22:06:12 @sarah-hart:
Hey there! I just got your message. I am so glad things are looking up and I hope by now they are even better. Come make your chocolates here! (I guess that is a long commute).-s
Sarah Hart
08/05/09 09:56:47 @sarah-hart:
Hello dear friend! NM was lovely but I am sorry not to have seen you.I am on vacation for a couple of weeks. WOuld love to chat.-Sarah