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Potomac Chocolate Co. on Kickstarter

By Potomac Chocolate, 2010-07-01
Hey everyone,

A friend and I are starting up a small chocolate-making company in the Washington DC area called Potomac Chocolate Co. We're hoping to be the DC area's first bean-to-bar chocolate makers. Currently, we're just starting out and learning the process.

We've set up a Kickstarter project to help us get up and running and on our way towards our first bar. If we hit our goal, the money will be used to acquire lots of beans for testing, experimenting and refining our process.

We've set up a series of rewards for different pledge levels, including final bars and bars still in development.

Our goal is to get $1650 in pledges by July 31st. We'd really appreciate any support you could give, and would love it if you could spread the word!

You can see our project page on Kickstarter here:

To get more info on us, check out our site and/or our facebook page:

Please feel free to reply or contact me with any questions about our project, or our company in general.


p.s. Thanks to Clay & TCL for letting me post this!
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