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04/08/08 18:31:39 @chocoflyer:
PS- I love Lindt new line of Creation bars- theres dark mousse, orange and cherry/chili- have you seen them? VERY fancy pkg, so beautiful- I will post mine soon in pics!
04/08/08 18:29:27 @chocoflyer:
wow growing up on Swiss choc it must be hard to eat anything else- that sets your bar pretty high right off the bat- but Swiss mostly prefer milk choc- have you grown to also love dark?
Mandy Floyd
04/08/08 11:56:29 @mandy-floyd:
Hello Bob!I read your post on Clay's wall about the lack of chocolatiers down south. If you are ever in Nashville stop by my shop: Hillsboro Chocolate Company. We make all of our truffles and pralines from scratch using artisan techniques.We also have a introductory website up at:www.hillsborochocolate.citymax.comThanks & Pura Vida!Mandy Floyd
Clay Gordon
01/29/08 07:13:51 @clay:
Bob;Welcome to The Chocolate Life. I know that you've been a reader of and and I look forward to your being an active participant here. Are there any real good chocolatiers in Alabama? I know they grow great pecans down there but deep-fried pickles is not something I really warmed to.
Holly & Paul Stabin
01/28/08 15:05:07 @holly-paul-stabin:
Bob, my sister once gave me Lindt truffles as a birthday gift. They were incredibly great and in the interest of weight control, I begged her not to do it again. Have you experienced a difference between US Lindt product versus the Swiss?