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CLTC Pictures of Belize 2008

Thought I'd add a few more pictures...
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12/17/08 10:05:54 @bette:
Holly and Paul, I attended Expo '67 in Montreal when I was 13, but I still remember it. I still have my memorabilia from it.What is the status of your CLTC? I think it's a great idea.I like the idea of 'working' vacations, where we can be active participants in the process. I wouldn't mind planting cocoa plants, harvesting cocoa beans or learning how to dry them. I'll take my wages in cocoa beans!I have a friend at work who will be 'retiring' to run a B&B in Costa Rica at the end of this month. Having a 'working plantation' where guests can actually learn the process of producing such lovely products via a 'hands-on' method sounds like a 'win-win' situation. Perhaps such a B&B can be developed in many countries to promote sharing and assisting the cocoa industry.
Sarah Hart
04/22/08 14:04:02 @sarah-hart:
Hi. I am wondering about the trip to Belize. Any spaces left? If so how much is the cost, details, etc.-Sarah
Holly & Paul Stabin
04/09/08 18:12:37 @holly-paul-stabin:
Sue, this may date me a bit - but as a kid I went to Expo 67.We should have the Nashville info out by the end of the week or sooner.
04/09/08 18:01:54 @chocoflyer:
BTW have you ever travelled thru Quebec?
04/09/08 18:01:07 @chocoflyer:
Now that just might be something I can manage! Ive never been to Nashville , that would be cool. Thank you for the invite- i will look into the details and be in touch....choc on!
04/08/08 18:41:10 @chocoflyer:
Please please add photos of the Belize and Europe trips when you all return, would really love to see them!I have decided this year I will spend my reduced budget on the NYC Choc show (and a Broadway show) and next year me n my mom are doing a Quebec choc tour...its closer and more affordable than Europe but willl still have the french and european feel i hope...I found a choc Festival and Museum in Bromont, QC- should be fun!
Clay Gordon
01/29/08 06:49:48 @clay:
Hi guys and welcome to The Chocolate Life. It's your participation that will help make this a success. I fully expect you to promote The Chocolate Lovers Travel Club because I think everyone here will be very interested in it.
Bob Jemian
01/28/08 15:47:52 @bob-jemian:
You know, I think I have but dismissed it. I'd have to say that the Swiss ones were not as sweet as what I buy in the grocery stores here. Perhaps that is why the local Lindt products are not as high on my list. The extra sweetness is just a bit too much for me.