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Michelle-Jo Garfield
04/27/08 04:37:20PM @michelle-jo-garfield:
hey mandy!Its michelle-Jo your new Aussie aquaintance ( oh no..that sounds formal!) Just thought Id let you know I joined the site and bought that book on ebay for $39!!!!! You have inspired me to get as much training and knowledge as I can before we move back to start my own business....yay! speak soon
04/12/08 07:33:27PM @chocoflyer:
Im so impressed you can temper by hand- i will eventually learn but Im not very patient with it, the science/ temps/chemistry are a little too much to handle. Lucky im not trying to be a chocolatier- im happy eating others beautiful creations! Glad you are collecting wrappers too- I have a feeling we will meet others here who do too- its just something i have always done, and i tried to put my philosophy/feelings in words at my profile (revised recently) if you are interested. Pe proud of your hobby/ collection- its really soemthing special and hopefully makes you smile ;)
Irma Wiese
04/12/08 01:53:56PM @irma-wiese:
Hi Mandy,I read in one of your posts that you took the ecole chocolat course. I have been contemplating doing that. I too am self taught and I have been working with chocolate for more than than ten years now ( mostly making truffles and cakes). I am slowly setting up a small business, getting orders here and there. I was just wondering how much I would benefit from taking the ecole chocolat course. I would appreciate any input from you. ThanksIrma
Clay Gordon
04/08/08 02:22:35PM @clay:
Mandy:I am going to be in Nashville at the end of August for the World Pastry Forum and the World Pastry Team Championships. I hope we make an opportunity to meet then (and taste!)
04/05/08 05:58:53PM @chocoflyer:
Gorgeous photos, really mouthwatering. Good for you for opening a choc shop, thats a big deal and not easy! Where did you learn the art of choc making? Do you have any tempering tips?
Clay Gordon
03/19/08 12:13:01PM @clay:
Mandy: I remember that we met last summer at the World Pastry Forum/National Pastry Team Championship. Nice photos of your work, can I suggest that you add titles and descriptions so we know that they are? :: Clay
Clay Gordon
03/19/08 11:21:03AM @clay:
Mandy:Welcome to The Chocolate Life. Where is your shop located. We want all the details!