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William Dean Chocolates- gorgeous and truly unique flavors
Inside William Dean Chocolate shop- stunning
William Dean Chocolate shop in Largo, FL
Inside the William Dean Chocolate shop
William Dean Chocolates from Largo, FL
Choco- Mice from LA Burdick
Chinese M&Ms!!
Market Street Gourmet Toffee
Chocolate Amber spray/ lotion- yum!
Various natural food store choc bars
Toffee collection....
Cocoa butter beauty!



02/05/10 12:52:32PM @kristina:
I've just happened to open your page and am not sure, if you are still interesd... there are at least some chocolat wrapers (or small boxes) in my cupboard and drawers and is going to be even more.... all European, maybe even still some Lithuanian... I do unterstand collectors :), so let see what can be done.
mhdi driss
03/29/09 07:54:50PM @mhdi-driss:
hi chocoflyer im very much interested to be a small artisan chocolate maker . i m experienced in roasting coffee for ten years i m aiming to began chocolate processing so i lake many experience in this area please if you like send something about your experience im living in agdir south of morocco nice and quiet which i like to set the first chocolate maker
Teresa Cordero Cordell
10/09/08 11:29:51AM @teresa-cordero-cordell:
Oh, the photos on the video are absolutely delicious. Makes me want to grab a chocolate bar right this minute.
Conrad Miller
07/03/08 11:23:25AM @conrad-miller:
Hey there, I found my Felchlin bar at Food Emporium on 3rd at 68th Street. They're the only place I know of that carries them, besides Clay, of course.
Dawn Olson
05/21/08 12:22:04AM @dawn-olson:
I am new to all of this, so I'm not sure how this works, but I just read your profile and I swear it was me. I also love chocolate and have been collecting books and anything that has to do with chocolate. I also eat M&Ms everyday. I have a small chocolate business in my home. I make truffles and am self taught. Still learning as I go. I also work as a server on off seasons. I need to get a real picture of me, working on that. Do you have posters to sell or ideas for a wall in my kitchen?
mhdi driss
05/15/08 03:15:02PM @mhdi-driss:
my e mail
mhdi driss
05/15/08 03:14:34PM @mhdi-driss:
i m a coffee roaster in morocco i m very much interested to chocolate industry so could you give me any information about making chocolate
05/11/08 10:21:27AM @chocodark:
Hi!Yes Hachez is a German chocolate manufacturer. I reviewed the bar in the picture you commented on. You can go see the review on my new blog. warned this is my first blog.
Pamela Sahib
04/21/08 06:31:55PM @pamela-sahib:
Hello! To answer your question, Quinoa is a pseudocereal. It's treated like rice or couscous. The closest thing I could compare it to isNestle "Crunch". The website is
Irma Wiese
04/12/08 01:55:36PM @irma-wiese:
Hi there!The buffet at the Peninsula is offered every fri and sat. It is worth a try if you're ever in the Chicago area.Irma
Nancy Wilberg Ricks
04/11/08 09:50:45PM @nancy-wilberg-ricks:
Thanks! Yeah, I love all the pages options too. Your photo with the cacao beans is very cool. I need to post a photo...soon enough!
Toni Buccino
04/09/08 01:02:42PM @toni-buccino:
Hi ChocolfyerDivine is a perfect word to describe the G collection.I think Norman Love designed the chocolates for GodivaToni
Holly & Paul Stabin
04/09/08 01:14:14AM @holly-paul-stabin:
You could go to Nashville with us for Labor Day - see World Pastry Team Championship info in the right column. Should be relatively inexpensive.Holly
Nancy Wilberg Ricks
04/08/08 11:31:53PM @nancy-wilberg-ricks:
Thanks for the recommendation. I will definitely check out the NYC location. Can't wait!
04/08/08 09:56:37PM @sera:
You are and I cut from the same (chocolate) block, I swear! I love it all too. I guess my sweet tooth is just out of control! :)As for the job, I was a reader of Candy Addict for a long time and I applied to the first round of hires way back over two years ago. So basically, luck! :)
Shelley Fields
04/08/08 06:31:00PM @shelley-fields:
Great, I will find all of them that I have and send them your way. I don't know if you have been, but World Market has a FANTASTIC selection of chocolate bars from all over the US. I graduated from Ecole Chocolat and we had a tasting assignment where the winner (of 23 bars of dark chocolates were tasted, ugh!) was a chocolate made in Russia. Divine! I am happy to send you the ones I have from that as well, but there may be staple marks. Do you have a World Market close by?
Joel Eliaz
04/08/08 03:21:12PM @joel-eliaz:
You should have seen the look in her face, it was like: "how could I ever lived without this marvelous thing", It was so funny, now she is hooked on it just like I am.
Mandy Floyd
04/08/08 02:16:25PM @mandy-floyd:
Hello!Thank you for the kind words. I am a self-taught chocolatier. I took a 3 month program through Ecole Chocolat ( and then read & practiced & read & practiced. I first started working with chocolate a little more than a year ago. I never expected chocolate to capture my passion but it has!I think that the key to tempering is understanding the structure & behavior of chocolate. Not to mention much patience! I don't temper by hand in my shop anymore (the only step I let machines do for me) but knowing that I can temper by hand gives me great peace of mind.I love your collection of ads and wrappers. My family makes fun of me for saving every chocolate box & wrapper I've had over the past year... it's good to know that I'm not the only one!Mandy
04/07/08 10:15:23PM @mer:
Oakland will be a definite side trip when I am in California this summer. I will go any place for CHOCOLATE ,even if gas prices are high. Thanks for the info.Mer
04/07/08 05:28:21PM @donna:
I just visited your chocolate candy blog--it is great! I too love M & Ms---well I did before I had to cut back---so it is neat to view all the different wrappers. Trader Joe's has got some great chocolate. How was the chocolate fountain? Did you go?Donna