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Ggirl Bldr
01/22/14 10:28:41 @ggirl-bldr:

Thank you so much, Brian.

Oh wow. That bar is AMAZING! It is my favorite by far, and I have to admit, I'm a little bit obsessed. The nibs are what make the bar exceptional, though the chocolate itself is outstanding. :)

Volker Lehmann
09/14/13 06:58:57 @volker-lehmann:

Hi Brian,check out my page and you find the link to the article from Rowan Jacobsen in Outside magazine. I am sure you enjoy it. Cheers

Vercruysse Geert
10/01/11 09:24:11 @vercruysse-geert:

Thank for your friendship Brian, and please call me Geert (my firstname), The Fortunato is becoming my home chocolate since two weeks now, thanks I love it ;-)


PS last Thursday I sended a sample of my creations to Felchlin (Sepp), Dan told me to be there next week.


07/30/11 04:12:33 @jim2:


I had an opportunity to view the "you tube" video concerning your efforts with USDA. I'm very interested in the processes you used to multiply the plant population.

I was very surprised that the project has remained "uncovered" for the period of time required to multiply, mature and harvest. Congratulations...I have been battling with the issue of establishing large areas of cacau with the same genetic properties in our farms in Brazil.

I would appreciate having a direct e-mail to be able to discuss in greater detail some of the issues that have been troubling my efforts.

Best regards

Jim Lucas

Clay Gordon
05/22/11 13:16:11 @clay:
Welcome back to TheChocolateLife, Brian.